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The inspiration for my work is drawn from a variety of sources. I tend
to reflect on intangible or conceptual aspects of the world and translate these into pieces of work. Primarily, I enjoy the process of subverting a range of materials that then become tools in which to highlight my artistic concepts. This, at present has manifested itself into the realm
of jewellery.

Giving the audience an option to interact with the piece and ‘make it their own’ has also played an integral part in the relationship I have
with the pieces. They are no longer completely mine and I enjoy the interaction the work has with each new audience.

My aim is to create work that in many ways makes us look at our surroundings and the objects that inhabit it, and then look again.
The fascination I have developed between playing around with the conventional meanings of certain objects and our relationship with
them is a constant driving force behind my work.